Cincinnati Genealogy Biographies


Joseph Gross, Louisa Stubenrach, Henrietta Meier

Joseph Gross was born in the Kingdom of Bavaria (Königreich Bayern) in the year
1820. It was a beautiful place, rich in culture, but it was politically unstable during the
early part of that century. He decided to emigrate, setting the course for the lives of his
decedents by settling in Cincinnati, Ohio. Read more…

000 Louis Gross
Louis Philip Gross and Valentina R. Schacht

Valentina R. Schacht was born in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1870. She was the youngest
daughter of Andreas (Andrew) Schacht and his wife, Eva, who were immigrants
from Bavaria. The name ‘Valentina’ is Latin and means ‘health and love.’

Andreas Schacht and his wife, Eva Kaufhort* (*Her maiden name was recently found and is not listed as such in the .pdf), migrated from the Kingdom of Bavaria and
settled into the 17th Ward of New York City sometime before 1860. Andreas
worked as a Butcher. Eva was about to give birth to their son, John.
The couple lived in a neighborhood among other families that were headed by
men whose occupations included a baker, a holder, a lager maker and a morocco
case maker who were all from Wurtenberg, a porter from Ireland, a cabinet
maker and his apprentice, and a lager beer saloon owner from France.

Andreas was saving his money and already had three hundred dollars. After
John was born, the young family began preparations for a move from New York
City to the growing City of Cincinnati, Ohio. The reason for the move is

Perhaps it was because Cincinnati was becoming such a German
settlement and they would feel at home or maybe they had family members
there. (Perhaps there were extenuating circumstances. See notes at end and
articles pertaining to another butcher in New York in 1860 named Frederick

The family moved to Cincinnati between 1861-1867. Read more…

Holtgrewe Famil

Louisa Holtgriewe and Family: 36 Years Lived (The Cincinnati Strongman’s Sister)

Louisa Holtgreive was born in Königreich Hannover (the Kingdom of Hanover) in the
year 1863. Her parents were Frederick Joseph Holtgreive (Fred) and Elizabeth Schawe

Louisa’s mother had eight children in all, but only Louisa and her two brothers, Henry
and Frederick, survived childhood. Those three children gave her and their father twenty five
grandchildren. Though many children in those days died young of illness or accident,
by the time Fred and Lizzie were living out their old age in the next century, they were
surrounded by many loved ones. Read more…

009 Alfred Gross Albert Walkenhorst

Alfred Gross and Sophia Droessler

During the 1890’s there were many changes in the United States that indicated that the world was moving toward a new era. The first skyscraper was built in New York City in 1890. That same year, was the Massacre at Wounded Knee, the last major battle of the Indian Wars. In 1892, the internal combustion engine, which ran on oil, was invented. The Pledge of Allegiance was published, followed by America the Beautiful.

Alfred Gross was born to Louis and Valentina Gross on August 30, 1891. He was their first child and would be followed by three sisters and two brothers. Their busy household was full of change.

Alfred’s father had various occupations through the years. Every job he held required a working knowledge of cast iron. He was a stove-mounter, safe-maker, iron worker, and ranger-maker. Read more…