Telling the Stories of Our Cincinnati Ancestors

Our goal is to create a collection of Cincinnati genealogy biographies that will tell the story of our collective past. Cincinnati is a unique city and the ordinary men and women who lived their lives there succeeded in creating a rich history. Many Cincinnati families are very old and have deep roots in our city – often without even realizing it. The families of Cincinnati tended to remain in the area and thereby preserved a culture that is truly original.

We write genealogy biographies about the early residents of Cincinnati, Ohio. Our aim is to preserve our collective heritage. We have been writing the genealogy biographies since 1999.

The sources that we use often include the following:

  • The Federal U.S. Census Report
  • Street Directories
  • Cemetery Records
  • Newspapers
  • Wills
  • Ship Passenger Lists
  • Naturalization Applications and Records
  • Marriage Records
  • Birth Records

Telling the stories of the men and women in our family histories can prove to be difficult. If we are lucky, there are heirlooms, letters, pictures, or family legend. However, in most instances we are left to extract the story from official records. It is surprising how much can be pieced together from those facts.

By using the federal census, street directories, death notices, and burial records, we can find enough information to begin piecing the puzzle of each ancestry. We find some simple facts like dates of birth, number of children, and dates of death. But, we will also find more in depth information such as a spouse’s name, parents’ names, family composition, work and home addresses, and the names of neighbors. Once we have some facts, we can begin looking for official birth records, marriage and death certificates, and passenger records.

Mothers are somewhat more difficult to research. They did not have social security numbers in the 19th and early 20th centuries. They worked at home raising their families, and their families were often quite large. Unfortunately, there are fewer official records pertaining to them. However we are adept at gleaning information from sources that at first glance might not reveal what we are looking for.


If you would like to submit your own genealogy biography and help preserve our collective Cincinnati heritiage, we encourage you to do so! Or, if you would like to suggest a Cincinnati Genealogy Biography be written about someone specific, please submit the name and as much information as possible here and we will try to accommodate your request: Publish your written content on our site and share with your relatives.